A micro code-editor for awesome web pages.

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Why and where should you use CodeFlask

For landing pages

You have a landing page that needs to show some code for the user interact with. CodeFlask makes a lot of sense here.

As code playground

You have an API sample and want your visitors to copy/edit it for a better understanding. CodeFlask is the way!

For interactive samples

You want to share code snippets but giving the possibility to users edit and play with this code. Yo CodeFlask bro.

Any purpose involving code snippets

You can use CodeFlask for pretty much anything not involving a lot of code. You can learn more about why it should not be used with big chunks of code bellow.

Where you should NOT use CodeFlask

For Web IDEs and related

CodeFlask isn’t intended to run big chunks of code and thus SHOULD NOT be used for web IDEs and big files.

Just for code highlight

If all you want is to highlight code on your page, you should use the plugin that gave origin to CodeFlask and that is focused only on syntax highlight: Prism.js.

On older browsers

CodeFlask was made using today HTML5 features and may present rendering issues on older browsers.

Any purpose involving bigger code chunks

CodeFlask was made aiming small pieces of code and does pretty well with those, for large chunks of code you may want to take a look at a robust solution, such as CodeMirror.